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The portico of Old Main at the University Park campus during the fall.

Stover honored with 2024 Support Staff Award

26 March 2024
Amy Stover

Amy Stover, financial coordinator in the Department of Mathematics in the Eberly College of Science, has been honored with the 2024 Support Staff Award.

The award recognizes the overall high-quality performance of a full-time member of the support staff with at least five years of active service in fulfilling the mission of the University and of their college or administrative unit. It also recognizes dedicated focus to customer service, commitment to quality improvement, outstanding skills and abilities, teamwork and professionalism.

Nominators said Stover has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on Penn State’s policies and financial processes in her 35 years and is always willing to share that knowledge.

She oversees the department's budget office, maintaining financial records, and providing invaluable assistance to faculty members who are seeking research funding. She’s also responsible for coordinating office assignments, managing building repairs and maintenance and assigning security cards and keys to employees. Nominators said her multifaceted role requires a unique blend of organizational, financial and interpersonal skills.

One area Stover made an impact is by streamlining the process for tracking budgetary expenditures. Her efforts reduced errors and made the process more effortless.

“Stover’s meticulous attention to detail has been instrumental in the success of my research proposals,” a nominator said. “Her expertise and precision in managing financial records have undoubtedly contributed to the department’s fiscal responsibility and accountability.”

Nominators called Stover a team player who seamlessly collaborates with colleagues while lending her institutional knowledge when needed, which has created a more positive work environment.

“Stover’s dedication to customer service is truly commendable. She consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that the needs of both faculty and staff are met promptly and efficiently,” a nominator said. “Her ability to handle complex financial matters with a customer-centric approach has not only improved the overall workflow in our department but has also garnered positive feedback from our faculty members.”