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Statistics Students Graduating with Distinction
7 May 2020

The Department of Statistics congratulates the following students for their academic accomplishments, graduating with distinction in the Spring, 2020 semester:


Summa Cum Laude-Distinction (GPA 3.98)

Ziming Wang (STAT.BS)

Ishan Muzumdar (STAT.BS)


Magna Cum Laude-High Distinction (GPA 3.94)

Shannon Cikowski (STAT.BS)

Ziyan Wang (STAT.BS)

Thomas Mcintyre (STAT.BS)

Jeffery Cao (DTSCS.BS)


Cum Laude-Distinction (GPA 3.86)

Yunuo Tain (STAT.BS)

Conger Wang (STAT.BS)

Luxin Wang (STAT.BS)

Ziging Xu (STAT.BS)

Yihan Lu (STAT.BS)

Yang Gao (STAT.BS)

James Weaver (STAT.BS)

Heming Liu (STAT.BS)

Angela Ting (STAT.BS)

Zhengyan Yuan (STAT.BS)

Tianhao Wang (STAT.BS)

Yiyang Wang (STAT.BS)

Zhuohan Wang (STAT.BS)

Mayting Feng (STAT.BS)

Yang Gao (DTSCS.BS)