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Florian Fekete

Q&A with BMMB GSA President Florian Fekete

1 March 2024

Florian Fekete, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association (BMMB GSA) president recently shared with us his experience leading the BMMB GSA and how BMMB graduate students can get involved.

Q: What is your research area?

FF: I work on bacterial oxygen sensing and signaling in the Weinert Lab. I’m working on understanding how bacterial oxygen-dependent signaling proteins affect microbial physiology and function.

Q: What is your role in the BMMB GSA? 

FF: I currently serve as the President of the BMMB GSA, but previously, I had the roles of First-Year Representative and Vice President.

Q: What has been your favorite part of being the BMMB GSA President? 

FF: My favorite aspect of being GSA President is that I know I can make a difference for students in the program. By listening to questions and concerns and either being able to respond or getting them answered by relaying them to the appropriate people, I’m able to help address students’ concerns and be a useful resource for them.

Q: Do you have any upcoming events and how can BMMB students become more involved in the GSA? 

FF: We are planning on holding a 2-month-long Geocaching contest starting in late March, stay tuned for more info! Current BMMB students can follow us on social media (@bmmbgsa_psu on Instagram) and come to our events!