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Mu Sigma Rho National Statistics Honor Society

30 May 2019
Penn State's students were inducted into the Mu Sigma Rho National Honor Society in a ceremony held Wednesday, April 24th in Thomas Building.

Mu Sigma Rho is the national statistics honor society whose purpose is "the promotion and encouragement of scholarly activity in statistics and the recognition of outstanding achievement among the students and instructional staff in eligible academic institutions.”  With induction into
Mu Sigma Rho comes a one-year membership in the American Statistical Association, a potentially useful tool for future professional statisticians.  Induction into Mu Sigma Rho is open to both undergraduate and graduate students in statistics, subject to rigorous GPA requirements. More information on Mu Sigma Rho is available at their constitution and bylaws are also available for review:


 The 2019 Mu Sigma Rho Honor Students
First Name Last Name Level
Mallory Beard Undergraduate
Sayre Bradley Undergraduate
Wenrui Cai Undergraduate
Alex Chen Undergraduate
Yiijia Chen Undergraduate
Di Chen Graduate
Huiyang Ding Alumnus(graduated 12/18)
Christine Gao Undergraduate
Yang Gao Undergraduate
Lu Huang Undergraduate
Yousef Jubran Undergraduate
Tianlang Li Undergraduate
John Leicht Graduate
Jiali Liu Undergraduate
Zhirui Luo Undergraduate
Hui Mao Graduate
Carlo Mazzoleni Graduate
Terryjames Morris Graduate
Sanam Sanei Graduate
Rebekah Thompson Undergraduate
Angela Ting Undergraduate
Emily Valenci Undergraduate
Juliette van Schaik Undergraduate
Siddharth Vihwanath Graduate
Xinyu Wang Undergraduate
Zachary Wenning Undergraduate
Mingzhang Yan Graduate
Anna Zhang Undergraduate
Anno Shang Undergraduate
Zheng Shang Undergraduate
Alex Zhao Graduate
Chaoyi Zhu Undergraduate