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2019 Graduate Teaching Awards in Statistics
11 December 2019

Congratulations to Christian Schmid, Nicholas Sterge, and Kyongwon Kim for receiving 2019's Graduate Teaching Awards!

Christian Schmid, Nicholas Sterge, Kyongwon Kim, and Murali Haran

Christian Schmid
Has received this award for his support of pedagogical innovation through his stellar work in STAT 470W (Problem Solving and Communication in Applied Statistics) in Fall 2018 and for his great work as a TA in STAT 200.

Nicholas Sterge
Is being recognized for his outstanding work in STAT 440 (Computational Statistics) where he held additional office hours and also held tutorial sessions open to all students and gave stellar support to the faculty member (Ethan Fang) in areas like exam preparation. Nick has also served as a STAT 100 lecturer for the department on several occasions.

Kyongwon Kim
Won the 2019 Harkness Award for Teaching for being an outstanding lecturer for the department in STAT 200, STAT 418, and STAT 319.