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2021 Black in STEM

Undergraduate Students

Destiny Wright.

Destiny Wright


Major and Degree Pursued: Biology (Neuroscience option), B.S.

Prospective Graduation Year: 2022

Lab: Kwapis (Department of Biology)


Connect: Email


My motivation to pursue both science and medicine stems from my late grandmother, who battled heart problems and schizophrenia.

I want to understand the illnesses that impact our society and find ways to treat them, to aid not only the affected people but their families as well.


Additionally, the curiosity and fascination that science evokes from me gives me the motivation to pursue my dreams in both medicine and research.

In the future, I hope to alleviate pain, provide concise explanations from a knowledgeable background, and develop a host of skills that will eventually lead to making a difference in many people’s lives.