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Anatomy in Italy - BIOL 475N
Cadavers, Culture, and Science

la specola cera anatomica


Spring Break 2018

3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Complete one of the following – Biol 129, Biol 141, Biol 240, Biol 472, Kines 202 or another anatomy course (Biol 297 or 497) by end of Fall 2018.


A fascinating blend of Biology and History, investigating the evolution of anatomy and physiology in Renaissance Italy. Biol 475N will meet once per week this spring (W: 2:30-3:45). The co-requisite course, IT 175: Italian Language & Culture for  Embedded Experiences Abroad (3 credits) will meet twice a week throughout the spring semester (M&F: 2:30-3:20) and over Spring Break 2019 travel to Florence, Bologna, and Verona.

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Dr. John Waters