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Anatomy in Italy - SC 475N
Cadavers, Culture, and Science

Student on Piazzale Michelangelo
Venus wax model

SC 475N: Anatomy in Italy

Travels over Spring Break

3 Credits

Prerequisite: Complete any one of the following – BIOL 161 or BIOL 128 or BIOL 141 or BIOL 129 or BIOL 240W or BIOL 421 or BIOL 472 or KINES 202


A unique blend of Biology and History, investigating the evolution of anatomy and physiology in Renaissance Italy. This course and its co-requisite, IT 175: Italian Language & Culture for Embedded Experiences Abroad (GH, 3 credits) will together meet three times per week throughout the spring semester, and over Spring Break will travel to Florence, Bologna, and other cities throughout Italy.



SC 475N students are eligible to apply for the following scholarships (among many other financial opportunities), some depending on students' individual circumstances:



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Next offered in Spring 2022 


Dr. John WatersTeaching Professor of Biology & Anthropology and Associate Head of Biology Undergraduate Education

Joel Waters, Coordinator of Education Abroad and International Programs, Eberly College of Science