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Jackie Bortiatynski

Teaching Professor and Director of the Center for Excellence in Science Education


Professional Appointments and Affiliations

Director of the Center for Excellence in Science Education


123 Ritenour

University Park, PA 16802


B.S., Utica College, 1984

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1990.

Postdoc, The Pennsylvania State University Fuel Science 1990-1991

Honors and Awards

2019, George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching, The Pennsylvania State University

2018, Priestley Teaching Award, The Department of Chemistry

2009, Dean’s Climate and Diversity Award, Eberly College of Science

2008, Outstanding Professor Award, Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity

1997, Outstanding Research Award, The Energy Institute, The Pennsylvania State University

1986, Dan Waugh Teaching Award


Leads efforts to work collaboratively with faculty, graduate and undergraduate students engaged in professional development of evidence-based teaching methods.  Has led workshops for faculty and taught graduate student teaching development courses as well as learning assistant pedagogy courses. 

Teaches an introductory organic chemistry course, first year seminar, and is also an academic adviser.