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Physical Sciences

Marker Lectures in the Physical Sciences scheduled for January 26 and 27
Sankar Das Sarma

Sankar Das Sarma will present the 2023 Russel Marker Lectures in the Physical Sciences on January 26 and 27 at Penn State

Emergent behavior observed in self-interacting light
Schematic of waveguides through glass and measured light intensity per waveguide showing fractionalization

Photons that are forced to interact with each other through waveguides demonstrate behavior evocative of the fractional quantum Hall effect

Three Penn State researchers awarded scientific grants from Kaufman Foundation
Ashley Villar, Ben Lear, and Ray Schaak

Penn Staters Ashley Villar, Ben Lear, and Raymond Schaak have been selected to receive grants from the Kaufman Foundation.

Astrophysicist Katie Mack to present Science Achievement Graduate Fellows Lecture Jan. 23
Katie Mack

Theoretical astrophysicist and popular science writer Katie Mack will present the spring 2023 SAGF lecture at Penn State.

Unconventional experiments produce new nanoscale particles with big potential
Illustration of experiments to produce novel nanoparticles

Penn State chemists produce hundreds of new nanoparticles with previously unknown features using an innovative experimental approach.

Ashtekar Frontiers of Science Lectures to begin Jan. 21
Illustration of lock opening access to big data

The Ashtekar Frontiers of Science Lectures in the Eberly College of Science will return to Penn State on Jan. 21.

Penn State Chemistry attends ABRCMS 2022
Research Lab Profile: The Kuo Group
kuo lab 2022
Junyu Zhang selected as Eberly College of Science’s Fall 2022 student marshal
Junyu Zhang in front of Old Main steps

Penn State undergraduate Junyu Zhang will represent the Eberly College of Science during the fall 2022 commencement ceremonies.

Rare cosmic explosion blasts hole in established science
illustration of kilonova explosion of merging stars

A new study raises questions about gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), the most energetic explosions in the universe.

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