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Dr. Eric Kennehan, CEO of PSU-affiliated startup, Magnitude Instruments


Eric Kennehan.
 Eric Kennehan.

Project: Magnitude Instruments has redefined state-of-the-art by creating benchtop transient absorption (TA) spectrometers that push the limits of nano-to-millisecond spectroscopy with fast data collection and sensitivity that are inaccessible with traditional TA technology.

About the company: Magnitude Instruments was developed by Dr. Eric Kennehan (CEO/CTO) and his advisor during graduate school at PSU, Dr. John Ashbury, who serves as the CSO for the company. Their startup employees also include Dr. Christopher Grieco as their software engineer.

Funding/awards: Lab Bench to Commercialization, Ben Franklin Technology Partners TechCelerator, National Science Foundation I-COPRS program.

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Current status: Looking for academic collaborations, particularly biologists. Please contact Dr. Kennehan


The enVISion Benchtop Transient Absorption Spectrometer.
The enVISion Benchtop Transient Absorption Spectrometer.