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Take a Professor to Lunch

Get to know your faculty and advisors

We will cover the check!

The Eberly College of Science Dean's Office will cover the cost of lunch, a coffee, or a Creamery cone at any of the University's dining halls or at the Creamery for up to three Eberly College of Science students and a faculty member or advisor.

Building a healthy student-faculty/staff relationship involves engaging in meaningful conversation outside of the classroom. Stuck on how to initiate one? Take them out to lunch!


How does it work?

1. Invite the professor or advisor to lunch, coffee, or ice cream.

2. After the professor accepts, students should email Debbie Brown -, to request a charge card.

3. Sign out the charge card at the Associate Dean's Office in 111 Ritenour Building.

4. Save your receipt from your meals.

5. Return charge card and receipt to 111 Ritenour by noon the following day.

Take a Professor or Advisor to Lunch runs each fall and spring semester. Eberly College of Science students are eligible to participate once per semester; faculty/advisor may participate as often as they are asked.



Debbie Brown

111 Ritenour Building