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Hannah Leapaldt

Q&A Science Policy Society President Hanna Leapaldt

4 October 2023

Hanna Leapaldt, the president of the Science Policy Society (SPS) and a graduate student in geosciences recently shared with us her experiences in SPS and why graduate students should join. 

Q: What is your research area?

HL: Geobiology; characterizing microbial carbonate facies both petrographically and geochemically. 

Q: Why did you join the Science Policy Society?

HL: I joined SPS because I was interested in learning about how my science can make a difference via policy-making! 

Q: What is your favorite part of the Science Policy Society?

HL: It's hard to pick just one favorite part. I would say that it's very fulfilling to have a platform to advocate for a change on behalf of science to legislators and I've been able to learn about a world of career options I never knew existed for someone with a science PhD.