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Photo Gallery: 2022 Dean's Climate and Diversity Awards Ceremony

1 February 2023


  • Cheryl Keller, research professor of biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Jennifer Stingelin Keefer, academic adviser
  • Dynsity Wright, graduate student in biology
  • Physics department CalBridge program committee (includes Stephanie Wissel, Downsbrough Early Career Assistant Professor of Physics and of Astronomy and Astrophysics; Nathan Keim, associate research professor of physics; and David Radice, assistant professor of physics and of astronomy and astrophysics)


  • Amy Solinski, postdoctoral researcher
  • Claire Thomas, professor of biology and of biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Eric Crandall, assistant research professor of biology
  • Jennelle Malcos, teaching professor of biology and associate director of the Center for Excellence in Science Education
  • Louis Leblond, associate teaching professor of physics
  • Ryan Lai, undergraduate student in chemistry
  • Stephanie Geyer, administrative assistant to the mathematics department head
  • TaMIS Life Sciences group
  • Unnati Akhokhouri, graduate student in physics

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