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Members of the Department of Chemistry Receive Dean’s Climate and Diversity Award
12 February 2020

Five members of the Department of Chemistry were recently recognized for their commitment to creating an environment of mutual respect and diversity within the Eberly College of Science. Miriam Freedman, associate professor of chemistry, and Sarah Lonsinger, departmental administrative manager for chemistry, both received awards at the annual Eberly College of Science (ECoS) Dean’s Climate and Diversity Awards ceremony. Department of chemistry staff member Megan Kuhlman and chemistry graduate students Santina Cruz and Albanie Hendrickson-Stives were also nominated for the award. 

The award was created in 2009 to highlight members of the ECoS community who contribute to a climate of respect and inclusivity within the college. Each of the five honorees received a certificate in recognition of their hard work, which is part of the Department of Chemistry’s ongoing efforts to build a welcoming environment for all faculty, staff, and students.  

Freedman, who is associate department head for climate and diversity in chemistry, was recognized for her advocacy for faculty, students, and staff and her involvement in the Next STEPS committee. She was also recognized for promoting inclusive town hall meetings with graduate students and for introducing the departmental student advocate program and social get-togethers in the chemistry building. 

Sarah and Miriam

Freedman and Lonsinger with their Awards

As the administrative manager for chemistry, Lonsinger oversees a staff of seventeen, where she sets a tone of respect and excellence.  She was recognized for her advocacy for staff, including introducing an annual staff retreat and overseeing other staff events.

Cruz was recognized for her work as the president of the Chemistry Graduate Student Association. She has been instrumental in advocating for the graduate students and working to ensure they receive fair and respectful treatment.  

Hendrickson-Stives, who is a chemistry graduate student, was recognized for her leadership in advocating for women in science and providing resources for children and underrepresented minorities. She is also the president-elect of the Graduate Women in Science, where she helps organize professional development, outreach, and social events for more than one hundred members.

Santina and Albanie

Cruz and Hendrickson-Stives (left) with fellow nominees Lynnicia Massenburg and Nita Bharti

Kuhlman, who is the chemistry department head assistant, has worked tirelessly to assist the department in enhancing the diversity of the faculty hires, revamping the department’s Career Network and Recruitment Fair event, and advocating for the graduate students. She was also recognized for her work as the president of the Staff Advisory Committee, a role that allows her to support staff throughout the college. 



Every day, faculty, staff, and students in the department strive to create an inclusive atmosphere that promotes cooperation and tolerance. The efforts of dedicated department members like Freedman, Lonsinger, Kuhlman, Cruz, and Hendrickson-Stives go a long way to ensuring that everyone can find an academic home within the Department of Chemistry.

You can learn more about the department’s commitment to diversity here.

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