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Dr. Christy George Joins Department of Chemistry NMR Facility
22 August 2019

The Department of Chemistry at Penn State is excited to announce that Dr. Christy George will be joining the department faculty on November 1 as an Assistant Research Professor / NMR Spectroscopist.  

Dr. George earned her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, where her work focused on the development of pulse sequences for sensitivity enhancement in rare spin correlation spectroscopy. She comes to Penn State from MIT, where she is currently performing solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), with a major focus on development of DNP instrumentation and its applications to protein NMR.

At Penn State, Dr. George will work with the faculty of the department’s world-class NMR Facility to support research throughout the department and the University. “I am excited about the opportunity to do research while helping to maintain the facility,” she notes. Dr. George looks forward to contributing to the future of NMR Spectroscopy at Penn State and bringing her expertise to the facility. “I was drawn to Penn State because I felt that the scientific community has a deep appreciation of the importance of magnetic resonance spectroscopy,” she explains, “I know that Penn State has an interest in doing dynamic nuclear polarization especially for materials applications. I hope to contribute to the establishment of a DNP facility and research at Penn State.”  

Philip Bevilacqua, Department Head of Chemistry, added “We are delighted to have Dr. George joining the department.  She brings needed expertise in solid-state NMR that will facilitate research both in the Chemistry Department as well as across campus, including Chemical Engineering and the Materials Research Institute.” 

In her free time, Dr. George enjoys watching movies, cooking traditional Indian food, traveling, and hiking. “I’m looking forward to moving to State College,” she adds, “it’s a beautiful place.”

Please join the Department of Chemistry in welcoming Dr. George to Penn State!

Communications Coordinator