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Chemistry Students Receive Hach Scholarship
7 October 2019

Chemistry students Jilian Roebuck and Cassidy Camplese have been named the 2019 recipients of the Hach Scientific Foundation Scholarship. 

Each year, Hach Foundation Scholarships are awarded to as many as two chemistry majors who intend to pursue careers in K-12 teaching. The Hach Foundation mission is “to foster and support chemistry education, and to make evident the interdependence between chemistry education and the public.” 


Jilian Roebuck

“I'm honored to receive a Hach Foundation scholarship since the scholarship supports my career choice beyond my degree,” notes Roebuck, who is a junior in the chemistry major. She is currently conducting research with the Freedman group, where she is working to understand the effects of porosity on ice nucleation. Roebuck notes that the support she’s received from the Hach has helped her to develop as a scientist. “This scholarship has impacted academically as it allows me to devote time to my studies and activities that will prepare for a future as a high school chemistry teacher,” she explains. 


Cassidy Camplese

Camplese is a recent graduate of the Penn State chemistry program, who earned her bachelor’s degree last spring. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in education at Penn State. In addition to her course work, Camplese is also working with Associate Teaching Professor Kate Masters to develop and teach the Department of Chemistry’s new Freshman Research Initiative

To learn more about the Hach Foundation Scholarship and how to apply, visit our website or speak to your academic advisor. 

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