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Chemistry Postdoctoral Scholar Receives Poster Award
21 October 2019

Chemistry postdoctoral scholar Subhadip Ghosh — a member of the Sen group — was recently awarded the second prize in the 12th Annual Postdoc Research Exhibition, organised by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Penn State Postdoc Society.  The exhibition was held in the Heritage Hall in the HUB-Robeson Centre. 

Dr. Ghosh presented a poster entitled "Motility of Enzyme-Powered Vesicles," which is based on the Sen group’s recent paper in Nano Letters.  His poster was selected from among dozens of submissions across the University. His poster details Dr. Ghosh’s work on developing synthetic protocells that are composed of lipid vesicles and enzymes. These enzyme powered systems not only show enhanced motility by transducing chemical energy from catalysis into mechanical motion, but can also reconfigure their directional motion. The results were examined at single molecular level using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and further substantiated in real time by tracking the motion of the vesicles using optical microscopy. The results constitute the first steps in the fabrication of biocompatible, multifunctional hybrid motors for carrying out specific functions under physiological conditions. These membrane-bound protocells are believed to play a key role in the elucidation of the fundamental mechanisms governing active membrane dynamics and cellular movement. 

Awardees of the poster prize receive a certificate of excellence and a cash prize, in recognition of their contribution to cutting edge research at Penn State.

Photo Credit: Office of Postdoctoral Affairs 

Communications Coordinator