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Students attend the Eberly College of Science's 2023 Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition at the Verne M. Willaman Gateway to the Sciences, Penn State University Park. Credit: Michelle Bixby, Penn State

2023 Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition winners announced

18 October 2023

The Eberly College of Science held its annual Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition on Oct. 11, with prizes for the best posters in each of three categories: life sciences, physical sciences, and mathematical sciences.

The winners are as follows:

Life Sciences

  • First Place (Two-Way Tie): Nicholas Aparicio, Casey Humphries, and Esh Pandellapalli (team presentation), “A Role for the ABCG2 Transporter in Reducing Protein Aggregation”
  • First Place (Two-Way Tie): Andrew Kacala, “Binge drinking dampens somatostatin peptide functionality and Expression”
  • Second Place (Four-Way Tie): Vasuda Dokiparthi, “Refining protocol for stem cell-derived endothelial cell culture”
  • Second Place (Four-Way Tie): Alison Eidman, “Plasmodium falciparum chromatin”
  • Second Place (Four-Way Tie): Gareth Francis, “Quantification of vibrio fischeri in euprymna scolopes using Molecular probes”
  • Second Place (Four-Way Tie): Mia Peifer, “Sickness or muscle dysfunction? Understanding the locomotive defects observed in adsl-1 deficient c.elegans”

Physical Sciences

First Place: Joshua Kipiller, “Effects of Pick-Up Ions on Magnetic Reconnection in the Heliosheath”
Second Place: Zhiwei Zhang, “Characterization of the Antenna and RF Electronics for PUEO Low-Frequency Instrument”
Third Place: Ashley Beers, “Investigating the sequence specificity of picornavirus 3C and 3CD, protease”

Mathematical Sciences

First Place: Jun Sung Kim,” Age and Political leaning predict COVID-19 vaccination status at a large, multi-campus, public university in Pennsylvania: A cross-sectional survey”
Second Place: Robert Chappel, Sean Burke, Taryn McHugh, Luqi Jiao Emanuele, and Aisiri Cherrimane Narendra (team presentation), “Creating Web Apps to Enhance Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Statistics and Data Science”
Congratulations, all!