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Goals for Science Majors

Goals for Science hero

As a student in the Eberly College of Science, you’ll prepare for a diverse career in the physical, mathematical, or life sciences. The following goals are a guide for successful career development for students across all science programs:

  • Develop analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills.
    A rigorous, problem-based education prepares you to succeed in real-world employment or further professional training, and equips you for a lifelong career of learning.

  • Develop the technical skills required to be successful.
    Depending on the field of study, your portfolio might include skills in areas like the modern laboratory, mathematics, statistics, data analysis, simulation, and scientific visualization.

  • Learn to convey scientific information in multiple ways, including oral and written communication.
    Whether you’re having collaborative discussions as part of a professional team, or communicating technical information to nonscientists, you’ll be able to explain your work to a diverse set of audiences, and in multiple formats.

  • Gain career-related experience related to your chosen profession.
    Participate in research, internships, externships, cooperative education, teaching and tutoring, study abroad, volunteer work, and many other opportunities.

  • Learn the standards of professional behavior and ethical practices.
    Understand the responsible conduct of scientific research, the ethical treatment of human and animal subjects, publication practices, and intellectual property issues.

We’re committed to helping you achieve these goals by ensuring that career and academic advising is available throughout your college careers, by integrating these objectives in all academic course work, and by serving as appropriate role models.

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