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Statistics and the future of the Antarctic ice sheet
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Murali HaranJanuary 18, 2020

Statistics and the future of the Antarctic ice sheet    

Presented by Murali Haran

Professor and Head, Department of Statistics, Penn State

How do scientists study climate, and how do they make projections about future climate? What is the role that statistics plays in climate science? Murali Haran provides answers to these questions, with examples from collaborative research between Penn State statisticians and climate scientists. His research focuses on the future of the Antarctic ice sheet, which has an important role to play in the future of the planet. Haran explains how statistical thinking is central to science, especially now, as we have access to an unprecedented amount of new scientific data.

Murali Haran is Professor and Head of the Department of Statistics at Penn State University. He has a PhD in Statistics from the University of Minnesota, and a BS in Computer Science (with minors in Statistics, Mathematics and Film Studies) from Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests are in Monte Carlo algorithms, spatial models, statistical analysis of complex computer models, and interdisciplinary research in climate science and infectious disease modeling. Haran is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and received the 2015 Young Researcher Award from The International Environmetrics Society an award meant to ``recognize and honor outstanding contributions to the field of environmetrics''.