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The Gardner transition in glasses and jammed systems
Add to Calendar 2022-04-14T19:45:00 2022-04-14T20:45:00 UTC The Gardner transition in glasses and jammed systems 101 Osmond
Start DateThu, Apr 14, 2022
3:45 PM
End DateThu, Apr 14, 2022
4:45 PM
Presented By
Eric Corwin, University of Oregon
Event Series: Physics Colloquium

 Recent mean field results in the study of structural glasses have demonstrated the existence of a phase transition that happens within the glass phase, called the Gardner transition. This transition describes a change in the energy landscape from smooth to fractally rough with a heirarchical structure. We report on the first direct experimental evidence of such a transition in colloidal glasses as well as new simulational results in low dimensional finite size systems. Experimentally, we track the motion of a single particle within a densifying colloidal glass and observe an abrupt transition from caged to logarithmically growing mean squared displacements, a signature of this transition. Numerically, we directly probe the structure of the energy landscape and find it to be both heirarchical and ultrametric.