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GAPP: On entanglement in quantum field theory
Add to Calendar 2022-11-29T18:30:00 2022-11-29T19:30:00 UTC GAPP: On entanglement in quantum field theory 339 Davey and Zoom:
Start DateTue, Nov 29, 2022
1:30 PM
End DateTue, Nov 29, 2022
2:30 PM
Presented By
Ivan Agullo, Louisianna State University
Event Series: GAPP Seminar

It is believed that even the simplest states in the simplest field theories are highly entangled. The main support for this statement comes from the Reeh-Schlieder theorem and calculations of entanglement entropy between a region of space and its complement. I will argue that these results do not provide much information about the entanglement between individual local degrees of freedom. I will then present a way of quantifying such entanglement and show that entanglement in field theory is significantly less ubiquitous than it is commonly believed.