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Galaxies Lacking Dark Matter
Add to Calendar 2021-12-01T21:00:00 2021-12-01T22:00:00 UTC Galaxies Lacking Dark Matter
Start DateWed, Dec 01, 2021
4:00 PM
End DateWed, Dec 01, 2021
5:00 PM
Presented By
Pieter van Dokkum (Yale University)
Event Series: Astronomy Colloquium

Abstract:  In 2018 our group identified a large, diffuse galaxy that looked unlike any previously known object. It appeared to have a population of strange, very luminous globular clusters and - even more puzzling - appeared to lack any dark matter. Three years and a lot of controversy later we are finally homing in on an explanation for these strange galaxies. The key new observations are extremely deep Hubble images as well as more data from the Dragonfly Telephoto Array, the telescope that we are using to find low surface brightness emission. I will also touch on implications for galaxy formation and the nature of dark matter. The talk will end with a preview of a major upgrade of the Dragonfly telescope.

Astro Colloquium and 'coffee & cookies' Department gathering (3:45-4:00pm)

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