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Exploring the Atmospheres of Sub-Jovian Worlds
Add to Calendar 2024-02-28T20:45:00 2024-02-28T22:00:00 UTC Exploring the Atmospheres of Sub-Jovian Worlds Davey Laboratory 538
Start DateWed, Feb 28, 2024
3:45 PM
End DateWed, Feb 28, 2024
5:00 PM
Presented By
Munazza Alam (Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory)
Event Series: Astronomy Colloquium

Time-series transit observations of exoplanet atmospheres can provide insights into the formation and evolution of exoplanetary systems. In this talk, I will share the results of two surveys aimed at characterizing the atmospheres of sub-Jovian planets: 1) the JWST Cycle 1 Compositions Of Mini-Planet Atmospheres for Statistical Study (COMPASS) program which aims to understand population-level atmospheric trends for 1-3 R_earth planets using JWST/NIRSpec G395H (3-5 microns);  and 2) the Keck Young Planets (KYP) program, which searched for excess helium absorption at 1.083 microns with Keck II/NIRSPEC in three <500 Myr mini-Neptunes. From the results of these programs, we are beginning to place constraints on the prevalence and retention of primordial H/He envelopes in sub-Jovian worlds.

Astro Colloquium and 'coffee & cookies' department gathering (3:30-3:45pm)

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