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Black in STEM


Ryan Poole

Ryan Poole, M.B.A., M.E.S.


Major and Degree: Science, B.S.

Graduation Year: 1983

Current Position: Senior Technical Manager, Acuity, Inc.


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What motivates you to do/pursue science and/or medicine?

As a Penn State student, I always enjoyed and appreciated the life sciences, but one science discipline that truly intrigued me was mathematics. (Hence, I spent a lot of time in McCallister Building.) 

Through math, I developed skills such as how to approach complex problem-solving, logic, critical thinking, and analysis of alternative solutions.

All of these skills helped when I ventured into the information technology (IT) field just after graduation. As a result, I have had a fulfilling career in various IT disciplines (software development, business intelligence, data warehousing, Agile project management, and IT program management).


What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month is a time of celebration as well as reflection of the past, present, and future of African American culture. Black History Month is important because it creates awareness and education for all people. It highlights the historical contributions and positive impacts that have been made to our great country and the world by African Americans. As a result, Black History Month should bring us together. It reminds us that Black history is a part of all history. The impacts of African Americans, as well as many other races, on our country underscores its diverse history. Black History Month is a time for truth-telling, healing, celebrating, and for nurturing hope. However, Black history should not be contained or limited to a month. The educational awareness needs to continue throughout the year because of its extensiveness and richness. As a result, there will hopefully be a greater respect, tolerance, and appreciation of all races, ethnicities, and cultures.     

Anything else you would like to share?

I am extremely thankful for my Penn State education, which was instrumental in my overall career growth.