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Black in STEM


Jemar Bather writing on clear whiteboard

Jemar Bather, M.S.


Major and Degree: Statistics, B.S.

Graduation Year: 2014

Current Position: Ph.D. Candidate in Biostatistics, Harvard University


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What motivates you to do/pursue science and/or medicine?

My motivation originates from the potential that my work will contribute to the improvement of health outcomes for all populations. I collaborate with clinicians, psychologists, and epidemiologists to solve emerging challenges in pediatric HIV, environmental health, and reproductive epidemiology. As a result of our work, tailored interventions and policies that benefit people globally are made possible.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

To me, Black history is everything. Leaders such as Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and many more possessed the courage and resilience to consistently dismantle every barrier constructed to limit the quality of life of Black people. I pay homage to them for these reasons because without them, there would be no me. Therefore, Black History Month is the culmination of my year-round celebration of Black history.