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Biological Oceanography - BIOL 497

Students in ocean
Student on ship

BIOL 497: Biological Oceanography in Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands

Travels during Winter Break

3 Credits

Prerequisite: BIOL 110



Learn biological oceanography and sailing onboard the SSV Corwith Cramer around Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

This course will expose students to the wide range of organisms, from microbes to animals, living in the open ocean. Topics covered include how organisms survive in aquatic environments, their physiology, ecology and evolution. We will discuss how life in the ocean is affected by depth range from the shallow photic zone to the deep seafloor as well as by ocean currents and continents. You will also learn about biological-physical interactions and the different methodological approaches to study biological oceanography.

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BIOL 497 students are eligible to apply for the following scholarships (among many other financial opportunities), some depending on students' individual circumstances:


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Next offered in December 2022


Dr. Mónica Medina, Professor of Biology