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Gain research & internship experience abroad

Research & Internships Abroad

There are a wide variety ways to gain international research and internship experience! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Review the Education Abroad program listings for programs that include research or internships.

    • Type of Program = "Internship" or "Research"
  • Research programs for science students:
  • Fully-funded International Research Experiences for Undergraduates (I-REUs): 
    • DAAD RISE: Provides North American science students with the chance to do fully-funded summer research at various German institutions
    • Northern Hemisphere Summer Research Scholarship: Offers fully-funded summer research opportunities at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, working alongside undergraduates from other institutions across the world
    • National Science Foundation: The NSF funds several agreements between U.S. institutions and international collaborators, through which American undergraduates can participate in research around the globe
  • Visit the Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Mentoring Office to find out more about prestigious summer fellowships and internship programs.
  • Network!  If you’re already doing on-campus research here, then ask your PI, research adviser, or lab colleagues about any possible opportunities to work on a project abroad with international collaborators.
  • For internships, check out the following summer internship opportunities that offer science placements:

For any questions, schedule an appointment on Starfish with Joel Waters, Science Education Abroad Coordinator.