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International Science Certificate

International Science Certificate recognizes students who aquire a global perspective on the study of science through time abroad and coursework.


This certificate is intended to recognize students who spend significant time abroad during their undergraduate careers and who complete courses that allow them to acquire a more global perspective on the study of science. The certificate is intended to provide recognition for students who have developed a familiarity with science outside of the United States and who have experience with the regional cultural context of the host nation(s).

It's strongly recommended to meet with Joel Waters, Science Education Abroad Coordinator to ensure course choices fulfill the requirements of the certificate.


  • Total of at least 6 weeks spent abroad through one or more Penn State-approved courses/programs
  • 6 credits (typically two courses) abroad that are either Penn State Science courses taught abroad or courses that are granted equivalency in the College of Science at Penn State
  • 6 credits (typically two courses) that directly relate to the host regions’ cultures, histories, or languages. These supporting courses can be taken while abroad or in residence on a Penn State campus.

Students who have completed these requirements must schedule an appointment with Joel Waters, Science Education Abroad Coordinator to have the certificate added to their transcript.