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Department Ombudspeople

Each department has at least two ombudsmen who work to assist in conflict resolution when it arises. This includes facilitating communication between conflicting parties and referring people to a variety of resources for further assistance. 

For more information about the ombuds program go here.

The current ombudspeople for the Chemistry Department are:

Lasse Jensen

I am a theoretical chemist working on electronic structure methods as applied to computational spectroscopy, especially molecules interacting with metal nanoparticles. As a member of the climate committee, I look forward to opportunities to improve the climate and diversity in the chemistry department.

Kenneth Knappenberger

Pshemak Maslak

Kate Masters

Crista Spratt

I organize Graduate Admissions, Open House and Orientation for new students. I keep track of all of the chemistry graduate students academic progress to ensure that all students meet the requirements and deadlines to achieve candidacy, pass their oral comprehensive exam and successfully pass their final defense exam for their PhD or MS. I also build graduate level courses in LionPath and provide maintenance on those courses with faculty input each semester. Outside of work, I like to garden and travel with my husband and three children.

Graduate Student Advocates

Nicole Famularo

Charlie Wolstenholme