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Ganesh Anand

Associate Professor of Chemistry, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Ganesh Anand.


202 S. Frear
University Park, PA 16802


Mailing Address

104 Chemistry Building



Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellow,
University of California San Diego, 2000-2006

Ph.D., Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ, 2000

M.Sc.(hons.), B.Pharm. (hons.) Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India


Honors and Awards

Director, Singapore National Laboratory for Mass Spectrometry, SingMass 2019-2020

Vice President, Singapore Society for Mass Spectrometry 2016-2020

NUS Outstanding Scientist Award 2012, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore

Waters World Center of Innovation in Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry



The Anand research group’s interests are in uncovering dynamics of cellular macromolecular assemblies. Focus areas include whole viral particle dynamics, capsid metastability and viral host entry, Second messenger (cyclic nucelotide) signaling and regulation, Transmembrane signaling and Two-component signal transduction. Our primary tool to probe protein dynamics is structural mass spectrometry (MS) and includes amide hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS), ion mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS), cross-linking, native MS together with proteomics and biophysical approaches. Allostery forms a common theme of our research and our goal is to integrate protein dynamics with biochemistry.


Selected Publications

  • Lim XX, Shu B, Zhang S, Tan AWK, Ng TS, Lim XN, Chew VS, Shi J, Screaton GR, Lok SM, Anand GS. Human antibody C10 neutralizes by diminishing Zika but enhancing dengue virus dynamics. Cell. 2021 Nov 25:S0092-8674(21)01324-6.
  • Raghuvamsi PV, Tulsian NK, Samsudin F, Qian X, Purushotorman K, Yue G, Kozma MM, Hwa WY, Lescar J, Bond PJ, MacAry PA, Anand GS. SARS-CoV-2 S protein:ACE2 interaction reveals novel allosteric targets. eLife 2021 Feb 8;10:e63646.
  • Ghode A, Gross LZF, Tee WV, Guarnera E, Berezovsky IN, Biondi RM, Anand GS. Synergistic Allostery in Multiligand-Protein Interactions. Biophys J. 2020 Nov 3;119(9):1833-1848.
  • Kenney LJ, Anand GS. EnvZ/OmpR Two-Component Signaling: An Archetype System That Can Function Noncanonically. EcoSal Plus. 2020 Jan;9(1):10.1128/ecosalplus.
  • Tulsian NK, Ghode A, Anand GS. Adenylate control in cAMP signaling: implications for adaptation in signalosomes. Biochem J. 2020 Aug 28;477(16):2981-2998.
  • Ramesh R, Lim XX, Raghuvamsi PV, Wu C, Wong SM, Anand GS. Uncovering metastability and disassembly hotspots in whole viral particles. Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2019 May;143:5-12.
  • Ghosh M, Wang LC, Huber RG, Gao Y, Morgan LK, Tulsian NK, Bond PJ, Kenney LJ, Anand GS. Engineering an Osmosensor by Pivotal Histidine Positioning within Disordered Helices. Structure. 2019 Feb 5;27(2):302-314.
  • Lim XX, Chandramohan A, Lim XY, Crowe Jr JE, Lok SM, Anand GS. Epitope and Paratope Mapping Reveals Temperature-Dependent Alterations in the Dengue-Antibody Interface. Structure. 2017 Sep 5;25(9):1391-402.
  • Tulsian NK, Krishnamurthy S, Anand GS. Channeling of cAMP in PDE-PKA complexes promotes signal adaptation. Biophysical Journal. 2017 Jun 20;112(12):2552-66.
  • Chandramohan A, Tulsian NK, Anand GS. Dissecting Orthosteric Contacts for a Reverse-Fragment-Based Ligand Design. Analytical Chemistry. 2017 Jul 14;89(15):7876-85.
  • Ghosh M, Wang LC, Ramesh R, Morgan LK, Kenney LJ, Anand GS. Lipid-Mediated Regulation of Embedded Receptor Kinases via Parallel Allosteric Relays. Biophysical Journal. 2017 Feb 28;112(4):643-54.
  • Lim XX, Chandramohan A, Lim XY, Bag N, Sharma KK, Wirawan M, Wohland T, Lok SM, Anand GS. Conformational changes in intact dengue virus reveal serotype-specific expansion. Nature Communications. 2017 Feb 10;8:14339.