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Eberly Science Alumni Society
Connecting alumni to Eberly and
each other long after graduation

The Eberly College of Science’s Alumni Society was established to promote better acquaintance and fellowship among alumni, faculty, students, and friends and to promote the interests of science education and research. The Society is governed by 18 At-Large Directors who are leaders in industry, academia, medicine, research, and more. The Society and the Alumni Board enhance the quality of science education at Penn State and provide advice and support to administrators, faculty, students, and alumni.



Membership in Eberly’s Alumni Society is open to Science alumni who are regular annual, life, or associate members of the Penn State Alumni Association.


Board of Directors

At-Large Directors are elected by the Board of Directors or appointed, with board approval, by the Society’s President. Membership consists of one, three-year term with the option to continue for a second, three-year term. Members return to University Park twice a year for business meetings.

The Board is guided by the following vision and mission:

Vision: Create a vibrant and engaged community of current and future Eberly Science alumni working together to support the goals of the college and Penn State

Mission: Strengthen the Eberly Science community by leveraging the diverse personal and professional experience of our Board and the Eberly Science alumni network

For more information, contact Tracey Moore in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 814-865-4577 or


Highlights of the Society's contributions and activities

  • Serve as ambassadors for the Eberly College of Science.
  • Provide networking and mentorship opportunities for students and alumni.
  • Financially support students through the Alumni Society Scholarship.
  • Provide funds for special projects through the Alumni Society Endowment.
  • Host regional and campus alumni events for science graduates.