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Office of Communications

Make a request

We’d love to partner with you by bringing in our expertise to elevate your messaging toward our college’s shared goals. If you are a member of the Eberly College of Science and are looking for some strategic communications assistance, please submit a formal communications request by emailing

When making a request, please make sure that your request includes the following information:

  • Your communications goal(s)—e.g., Are you trying to drive attendance to an event? Publicize research findings? Share a resource or build department/unit/college reputation?

  • Your audience(s)—e.g., Is this a communication internal to the college? To Penn State? Or is the intended audience external? Please define: undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, faculty, staff, alumni, industry/institutional partners, friends/visitors.

  • Your deadline—e.g., When do you hope to communicate this information? For example, when is your event or journal embargo? And do you have any upcoming scheduling conflicts before that deadline that would prevent you from being available to review draft communications.

This information is incredibly helpful to our team as we work to prioritize your request. We look forward to partnering with you!