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Office of Communications

Communications Community
of Practice

This is a resource set up and led by the Eberly College of Science Office of Communications to share updates, resources, and best practices in marketing and communications. The main goal, however, is to create a discussion forum and collaborative space for individuals who support the college’s communications efforts. The Community of Practice will consist of:

  • A teams channel where all members can connect with others working on similar projects, ask general questions, and create collaborations.

  • Members will have access to a SharePoint with communications resources, templates, tutorials, best-practice guidelines, and college communications protocols.

  • Members will also be invited to training sessions organized by the Office of Communications.

  • Membership is open to anyone in the college with interest in connecting, learning more and accessing these resources. However, those individuals who have access to college website updates as well as social media accounts officially representing the college and its sub-units will be automatically invited.

If you are a member of the Eberly College of Science community, you can request access to join the CCP by emailing