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Eberly Science

Recipients of Teaching and Mentoring Awards
2000 - 2009



  • William Harkness, Statistics: C.I. Noll Award
  • Carla Hass, Biology: C.I. Noll Award


  • Jane Charleton, Astronomy & Astrophysics: C.I. Noll Award
  • Teh-Hui Kao, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Excellence in Honors Teaching Award (given by the Schreyers Honors College)
  • Kate Masters, Chemistry: C.I. Noll Award


  • Wendy Hanna-Rose, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: C.I. Noll Award
  • John Duff Hopkins, Physics: C.I. Noll Award
  • Nitin Samarth, Physics: Atherton Award


  • Mitchell Price, Biology: C.I. Noll Award
  • Donald Schneider, Astronomy: C.I. Noll Award


  • Leonid Berlyand, Mathematics: C.I. Noll Award
  • Raymond Funk, Chemistry: C.I. Noll Award
  • Sharon Shriver, Biology: C. I. Noll Award
  • James Strauss, Biology: C.I. Noll Award


  • Andrew Belmonte, Mathematics: Atherton Award and C.I. Noll Award
  • Patricia Schulte, Mathematics: C.I. Noll Award
  • Michael Weiner, Mathematics: Atherton Award (Altoona)
  • Robert Mitchell, Biology: Undergraduate Program Leadership Award


  • Richard Cyr, Biology: Teaching & Learning Hall of Fame Faculty Award
  • Phil Mohr, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Tershak Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Richard Robinett, Physics: C. I. Noll Award


  • J. Greg Ferry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award (ASM)
  • Chuck Fisher, Biology: C. I. Noll Award
  • Nigel Higson, Mathematics: George W. Atherton Award for Teaching
  • Anatole Katok, Mathematics: Graduate Faculty Teaching Award
  • John Simpson, Chemistry: George W. Atherton Award for Teaching (Beaver)
  • Paul Sokol, Physics: Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching


  • Andrea Mastro, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Tershak Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Simon Tavener, Mathematics: C. I. Noll Award
  • Carol Gay, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers