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Members of the National Academies

Members of National Academy of Science

Membership in the National Academy of Sciences is considered one of the highest honors that can be accorded a U.S. scientist or engineer. Members of the National Academy assist the nation by addressing matters of importance in science and problems in which the insights of science are of central significance.


  • 2021: Peter Meszaros
  • 2021: Jainendra Jain
  • 2019: Squire Booker
  • 2016: Abhay Ashtekar
  • 2015: Tom Mallouk, Chemistry
  • 2005: Daniel Cosgrove, Biology
  • 2003: George Andrews, Mathematics
  • 2003: Alan Walker, Anthropology and Biology
  • 2000: Moses Chan, Physics
  • 1998: A. Welford Castleman, Chemistry
  • 1998: Roger Penrose, Physics (Visiting Professor)
  • 1997: Masatoshi Nei, Biology (Emeritus)
  • 1995: C. R. Rao, Statistics (Emeritus)
  • 1995: Gerald D. Mahan, Physics
  • 1990: Nina Fedoroff, Biology/Biotechnology (Emeritus)
  • 1985: Stephen Benkovic, Chemistry
  • 1982: Robert Selander, Biology (Emeritus)
  • 1977: Philip J. Skell, Chemistry (Emeritus)

Election to National Academy of Engineering membership is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer. Members have distinguished themselves in business and academic management, in technical positions, as university faculty, and as leaders in government and private engineering organizations. Members are elected to NAE membership by their peers (current NAE members).

  • 2014: Harry Allcock, Chemistry

Founded in 1970 as the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) is one of three academies that make up the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies) in the United States. The NAM has more than 2,200 members elected in recognition of professional achievement and commitment to volunteer service.

  • 1994: Stephen Benkovic