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Department of Biology

Climate and Diversity Events

Upcoming Events

The Biology CnD committee will be meeting on the following dates/time in case you want to suggest any agenda items for us to discuss:

Meeting Schedule TBD

Suggestions can be made via the Department CnD website feedback form, or by contacting any of the committee members to pass along:

Beemiller, Jessica L <>
Lai, Zhi-Chun <>
Medina, Monica <>
Phung, Lan-Nhi <>
Thomas, Claire <> (Chair)

TaMIS (Towards a More Inclusive Science) Biology

TaMis was founded to introduce discussions about equity and inclusion into the Biology department, highlighting the importance of the experiences of those with marginalized identities. Our goals include: 

1) provide support for those who have experienced pushback in life based on who they are, where they come from, what they believe in, or how they look, sound, speak, hear, think, move, feel, or understand the world. 

2) through discussion and action, serve as a catalyst for changes to teaching, mentoring and research practices that will lead to a more inclusive biology.


TaMIS Biology Spring Schedule : TBD



TAMIS Guidelines

1. Have open, genuine, confidential discussion

2. Choose empathy over skepticism

3. Ask "What power dynamics are at play?"

4. "Both/And" instead of "Either/Or"

5. Intent over Impact

6. Respect the pronouns people use

7. Share the air

8. Speak to your own experience

9. Challenge your own privilege

10. Discuss message, not tone of message

11. Respect the choice to share

12. Personal stories from others do not leave the room without permission (except for

mandatory reporting)