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Department of Biology
Business Office Resources

The Department of Biology Finance Team is here to help with all of your University-related financial needs. Helpful information and resources are listed below for processing expenditures and reimbursements, reconciling travel, and assisting with research/miscellaneous accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, if accessing the SIMBA / Shop onLion portals remotely, you must be connected through the VPN.

  1. Why can't I see anything in the myFunds Portal?

    • You must select a date range as a search parameter for funds to populate.
    • Resources:
    • Note: All grants are currently in the system as of 07/22/2020. If you are missing something please contact the business office (contact information below). General funds will also be added in this tool, timeline TBD.


Purchasing Card (PCard) Process



Please review the Penn State travel policy (TR02) when submitting meal and travel expenses.

For additional travel information visit Penn State Travel.

  • Group Meal/Meeting Form - used as supporting documentation to justify the business purpose and attendees for authorized group meal/meeting of Penn State employees and/or visitors to the University. The form is required for any group meal/meeting purchase that is made using University funds, regardless of payment method.
  • Travel Safety Network - all international travel must be registered with the TSN at least 30 days in advance, regardless of whether PSU funding is being used. Visit Export Compliance Procedures and read the TSN Reminder for more information.
  • Travel Reimbursement Form - must be completed by any employee wishing to claim travel reimbursement when they are not the one personally preparing the ERS Report for submission. Please plan to review this document and all supporting information with your finance assistant when submitting for reimbursement.



Purchase Orders are for large ticket items.

  • PO Order / Service Agreement Request Form - used to request the purchase of item(s) over the PCARD limit ($2K) and if the product is not available for purchase on Shop onLion through an approved vendor with a dollar amount less than ($5K).

    • Note: any purchase order request over $10,000 being ordered from a specific vendor must have a completed Sole/Single Source Justification Form. Purchases for software, IT peripheral over $100 require a completed Cost Justification form. Please check with the Eberly College of Science IT office prior to purchasing any software, IT peripheral and complete the Software Request Form for approval.
  • Sole/Single Source Justification - used as justification for a purchase from a single or sole source without open competition, when the purchase total is $10,000 or more and must accompany a completed Purchasing Order Request Form.
  • Cost Justification Form - used when a purchase for Software, IT peripheral is over $100. 
    • Note: Please check with the Eberly College of Science IT office prior to purchasing any software, IT peripheral and complete the Software Request Form for approval.
  • Tax Exemption States and Forms (including tax-exempt letter)
  • Software Request Form - must be submitted and approved before your purchase.

Finance Team Contact Information

CIDD Administrative Support Assistant

W232 Millennium Science Complex
University Park, PA 16802


Financial Coordinator

208 Mueller Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802


Financial Assistant

208 Mueller Laboratory
Univsersity Park, PA 16802


Financial Assistant

208 Mueller Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802