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We are thankful for our generous
alumni and friends of the department.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Department of Biology


Carol J. Allen
Faysal Alqassab
Jill Grashof Anderson and Sydney H. Brown 
Anthony and Stephanie Arlotti
Michele E. Arnold
Gary M. and Janet M. Aron
Andrew Baker
David P. and Ella L. Baker
Robert B. Banzett
Mary K. Barry
Melissa Pasquinelli and Chris Battin
Alan and Sally Bedrick
Robert Bernini, Jr.
Jason P. and Tracy J. Binder
Daniel L. and Dolores A. Bishop
Arnold S. Bleiweis
Geoffrey M. Borro
Darryl M. and Heidi E. Brandon
Peter E. and Diane Glynn Bronner
Lakeia Y. Brown
Richard R. Brown and Sandra J. Zaremba
Michael J. Burke
Cristin N. Byrne
Harriet H. Campbell
Lisa Carne
Timothy M. and Kathleen K. Casey
Judith K. Cavallo
Douglas Cavener
Shelly L. and Mark F. Chamness
Theresa Milan and Federick A. Cinicola
Kathleen and Frank Cioffi
Linda Horne and Richard L. Clark
Vaughn R. and Carole B. Cobb
Robert and Theresa Colligon
Anita Collins
Michael S. Cratty
James G. Davis
Deborah A. De Bernardi-Lafferty and Francis Charles Lafferty
Christophe K. DeBrady
Lindsey R. Decarlo
Brian and Paula Derby
Patricia M. De Rosa
Stephen J. Dietrich
W. Reed Doerfler
Mary E. and Thomas J. Dominiecki
David Dorenfeld and Dana Meredeth Lev
Robert D. Dougherty
Donald F. and Candis Jo Dries
Andrew and Jennifer Dussinger
Christopher R. Dyckman and Susan Scotto
Scott Eisenhuth
Barbara Morrison Eller
Wanda and Richard Ernst
Marla E. Evans
Ray F. and Mary Evert
Oscar P. Flite
Andrea A. Foley
Aubrey and Jorel Foerster
Corinne A. Fowler
William A. and Maria Elena Gellman
Mark F. and Susie C. Gentilman
Aubrey J. Giffen
Kathy and Kris Gike
Jeffrey A. Gilbert
Grant S. Gipson
Joshua E. and Brooke Goldberg
John A. Gorka
Stephanie E. Graham
Jonathan and Diane Greco
Geoffrey G. Guarino
Rachel E. Hamelers
H. Jacob Hanchar
Dennis B. Harney
Susan Houck and Paul E. Hardin
Dennis B. Harney
E. Scott Harter
Carla Hass and Blair Hedges
Frederick H. and Sheralyn M. Heyse
Christine A. Higgins
Charles J. and Patricia E. Hillson
Paula M. Hines
Vu U. Ho
Christopher J. Hoffman
Michael B. Holbert and Paige Turner
Helen L. Horen
Sarah M. Houston
Stephanie M. Jaggars
Jill M. Jervis
Joel D. and Elizabeth A. Kamp
Daniel R. Kohli
Diana C. and George M. Kosco
Derek Z. Lam
Michael F. Lann
David C. and Diane Lapinski
Robert M. and Cheryl P. Large
Christina Winski Laska and Dennis A. Laska
Margaret T. Leahy
John R. and Mardell Leonard
William Leonard and Marcia Robertson
Kathy and Thomas Lesser
Donald D. Lewis
Frederick T. and Belinda Lewis
Joan Marzzacco Liedtke
Aimin Liu
Chelsea Lizik
Robert M. Loring
Robert P. and Jaren K. Lowell
James A. Luzader
Pamela J. and Dale Lynch
Megan A. MacArthur and Steve C. Eberbach
Russell L. and Bertha Maiese
Donald L. and Miriam Mains
Edward L. Maseloff
John L. and Mercedes M. J. Mack
Kimberly C. Magalong
Robert and Barbara Maloit
Katharine J. and Michael Marcus
Michael Marcus
Jonathan L. and Denise A. Martin
Edward L. Maseloff
Marigrace Foley and Mead M. McCabe
Denise Blysick McKenna
Sara McLanahan McLellan
Anthony E. Melendez Torres
Robert J. and Karen M. Michalak
Gerald G. Miller
Stephen C. and Susan W. Minana
James J. Mineski and Paula Goetting-Mineski
Paul E. and Holly E. Modic
Philip W. and Leann M. Mohr
Gabriele Monshausen
Sylvia T and Daniel M. Morra
Aaron and Laura Mory
Charles E. and Darlene A. Mowl
Frank J. Murray and Judy McDonald
Shakira M. Nelson
Masatoshi and Nobuko Nei
Richard Ordway
Joseph S. and Cathy S. Pancher
Dominic Paone and Karen Kines
Anupama A. Patel
Michael Perfit
Michael J. Powell and Rachel E. Hamelers
Benjamin L. Predmore
Thadd and Virginia Preisner
Ronald and Mary Pursell
Tanja Michelle Rebernik
Natalie M. Reese
Kevin E. and Mary Renahan
Aaron T. Roan
Natalie Rose
Gary S. and Louise S. Ross
Gary and Ruth Ross
Pamela J. Ruff
Mary E. Russell
Douglas J. Ryan
Gracie and Walter G. Saunders
Andrea M. Saxon and Vincent R. McGuinness
Helen T. Scarnati
Stephen Schaeffer and Kimberlyn Nelson
Angela Kumorek and Randy Schultz
Kathleen Schwabenbauer
Gordon C. and Lois Moyer Schwenk
Philip B. Sears
Heidi S. Seig
Jean and Phillip Shibley
John R. Shuman
Robert and Paula Silvasy
Susan B. and Dustin Simonson
Dovey M. Sinah
Charles H. Smith
George and Sylvia Smith
Kathleen Kirsch Smith and Ralph E. Smith
Robert and Patricia Snyder
Brian D. and DeAnna C. Sosnowchik
Melanie H. Spittler
Jason E. and Justina M. Stadanlick
Jean M. Steiner
Jennifer L. Stellke
Stephan and Valerie Stehman
Abigail E. Stocking
Reyna L. and Brian Strohecker
Edward M. Suran
Susan J. Tamowski and Thomas Stuart Patton
Edward and Sandra Tarle
Heather D. Surkala and Tristan E. Taylor
Pamela M. and James Taylor
Tristan E. Taylor
Jeffrey W. Thackara
Richard and Irma Thomson
Melissa Tomcavage
Michael T. Troutman
Jeffrey L. Trulick and Michele L. Gomez
Grammatiki K. Vakirtzis
Stephen H. Vander Sluis
Jennifer P. Vasinda
Stephen J. and Pamela Wagner
Brandon M. Wall
David R. Ward
Lori A. and Michael D. Weber
Anne E. Weiss
Leslie N. Wickes
Verne M. and Betty Willaman
Jennifer Williams
Wendy R. Williams
Douglas R. Womelsdorf
James C. and Mary X. Xenophon
Wanda M. and Anthony Yachnis
William and Joelle Zack
Liye Zhang
Xin Zhou
Amy Dorn and Charles Zimmerman

Corporations and Foundations

Agilent Technologies
ABMRF/Foundation for Alcohol Research
Alfred Sloan Foundation
Alzheimer Association
American Heart Association
Baxter International Foundation
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Centre for Alpine Ecology
David A. Smith Conservatory Research Fellowship
Dow Chemical Co.
Education Foundation
Edwards Lifesciences LLC Corp.
Eidgenossische Tech Society of Science
Eli Lilly and Co.
Fidelity Investments Charitable Foundation
Glaxco Smith Klein
Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunizations Corp
Griffith University
Howard Hughes Foundation
Human Frontier Sci. Prog. Org.
Johnson & Johnson
Marsh & McLennan Company Inc.
McGraw-Hill Companies
Microsoft Corporation
Morris Animal Foundation
Muscular Dystrophy Assn. of Amer.
National Geographic
Packard Foundation
Pew Charitable Trust
Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation
Roselund Elementary School


If you wish to make a gift, you have the option of making a general donation or contributing to a specific effort, such as a scholarship or undergraduate or graduate research opportunities.