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Undergraduate Chemistry

Undergraduate Research and Teaching

There are many ways to enhance your chemistry experience outside of the classroom. Conducting research, participating in internships, and gaining leadership skills through teaching and outreach opportunities are great ways to kickstart your career and enrich your education. Get started today!


Research Opportunities

Research opportunities provide students with relevant, real-life experiences, which gives a competitive advantage for placement in prestigious graduate programs and industrial positions. 




Other Engagement Opportunities


Research isn't the only way to get involved in the chemistry community! Interested students can take advantage of a variety of engagement opportunities that will prepare them for their future careers. Keep reading to learn how you can get involved!

Take a Professor for Lunch

The "Take a Professor to Lunch" program aims to provide all students within the Eberly College of Science, including chemistry students, an opportunity to get to know the faculty. We realize that Penn State is a big place and that students are often hesitant to make a professor's acquaintance, even though they probably share a great many interests. We know that many students enrolled in large lecture classes feel that faculty members giving the lectures can know them only by student ID number. We cannot make Penn State smaller but we can facilitate the social interactions between students and faculty that will enable each to know the other a lot better.

The program runs each fall and spring semester. Each ECoS student is eligible to participate once per semester; faculty, however, may participate as often as they are asked and as long as their digestion holds up.

The ECoS Dean's Office will pay for lunch for up to three ECoS students and one faculty member at any one of the University's dining halls. Simply invite your professor and, after s/he accepts, arrive at 111 Ritenour Building to sign out a charge card to be returned by 5:00 p.m. that afternoon. Give it a try!


University and Community Engagement Resources

Outreach Opportunities

Student engagement is out-of-classroom scholarship, research, and projects undertaken by Penn State students in service of the community. Outreach is proud to play a significant role in connecting students with unique learning opportunities and advancing Penn State’s land-grant mission!

Student Engagement Network

At Penn State, engagement includes student activities and both curricular and co-curricular activities. Student engagement contributes to intellectual, personal, and social development, and fosters integration into University life, adding distinction and value to undergraduate experiences. Furthermore, student engagement leads to the success of students as citizens and leaders—locally, nationally, and globally.

Student Engagement Programs

Student Engagement Programs provides students with opportunities to get involved in experiences that complement both their in-class and out-of-class learning. Several offices and functions compose Student Engagement Programs, including the Student Arts Engagement Manager; the Office of Student Activities; and the Student Engagement Network.