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Rishi Sapkota

Postdoctoral Scholar
No Photo Available


M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry, Tribhuvan University – Kathmandu, Nepal

M.S. in Organic Chemistry, New Mexico State University – Las Cruces, New Mexico

Ph.D. in Chemistry, New Mexico State University – Las Cruces, New Mexico


Rishi was born Sindhupalchok, Nepal where he grew up and completed his Master’s in Organic Chemistry from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. He taught for 6 years at National School of Science (NSS) in Kathmandu before moving to the United States for his higher education where he completed his master’s and then his Ph.D. in 2018 at NMSU under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Arterburn. After finishing his Ph.D., he worked as a college assistant professor at NMSU and then decided to do a post-doc at NMSU with Dr. Jeffrey Arterburn. Rishi joined Giri's group at Penn State in August 2019.


Rishi R. Sapkota, Tanner Schaub, Marat Talipov, Jeffrey B. Arterburn, Bimolecular cross-metathesis of a tetrasubstituted alkene with allylic sulfones (ChemistryOpen, 2019)

Sophia J. Bailey, Rishi R. Sapkota, Marat Talipov, William A. Maio, The successful union of epoxycarvone diastereomers with anisole derivatives: Application to the synthesis of non-natural CBD analogues. (Org. Lett. 20, 15, 4618-4621)

Lu Lin, Wenbin Jiang, Mikhael Bechelany, Maryline Nasr, Jacqueline Jarvis, Tanner Schaub, Rishi R. Sapkota, Philippe Miele, Huiyao Wang, Pei Xu, Adsorption and photocatalytic oxidation of ibuprofen using novel nanocomposites of TiO2 nanofibers combined with BN nanosheets: degradation pathway and mechanisms (Chemosphere 220, 921-929)