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Mary Jo Bojan

Teaching Professor

Professional Appointments and Affiliations

Coordinator of General Chemistry



220E Whitmore Laboratory

University Park, PA 16802

Mailing Address

104 Chemistry Building


B.S., DePaul University, 1981

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1986

Honors and Awards

2010 C.I. Noll Award for Excellence in Teaching

2009 The Priestley Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching in Chemistry


Chemical Education, Computer Simulations

Dr. Bojan has been with the Chemistry department for over 30 years. In 1991, she became an instructor and research associate at Penn State, where she did research in the area of adsorption on heterogeneous surfaces using molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation techniques. These techniques have been applied to such diverse systems as methane storage on graphitized surfaces, adsorption and transport of methane in coal, and gas storage in carbon nanotubes. Other studies involved the investigation of wetting behavior and phase transitions.

Her current research interest is in the area of teaching and learning in Chemistry. She is actively involved in the development of curriculum for general chemistry that promotes active learning. She is also developing materials that help students, teaching assistants, and faculty create student-centered classrooms with a focus on learning.

As Coordinator of the General Chemistry Lecture courses, she is responsible for oversight and development of CHEM 110 and CHEM 112, the General Chemistry courses taken by undergraduates in Science and Engineering. She is a co- author of the interactive General Chemistry e-book used in the CHEM 110 and CHEM 112.

She is also responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of Chemistry 108 -- a course designed to help students at risk of failure, and for the development and assessment of teaching-assistant training programs for general chemistry classes.

Selected Publications

Maslak, P.; Bojan, M. J.; Stepan, L. S.; Vol. 1; PSU-E CHEM 110: Structure and Properties, Copyright © 2011-2019,

Maslak, P.; Bojan, M. J.; Stepan, L. S.; Vol. 2; PSU-E CHEM 112: Reactions and Materials, Copyright © 2011-2019,