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Department of Chemistry
COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Penn State Chemistry Community,

This coming week, Penn State is moving to a remote-classroom environment.  If you are not familiar with the term - it means that courses will be offered at their normally scheduled times via remote or distance delivery (Zoom, Canvas, etc.).  All chemistry faculty have been asked to communicate -to their students- the schedule of activities and overall plan of action for their respective courses for the next three weeks.  The messages were sent via Canvas so the messages can be accessed there; Canvas also forwards the messages to each student’s registered email address.  We request all students taking chemistry courses to login to their course Canvas webpage or contact the instructor for additional information.

The Department of Chemistry permits each faculty member to decide whether or not to hold remote classroom sessions during normal class times or simply upload course content to Canvas (or email to students directly) and have the students engage the material on their own time.  We all know that for a student to succeed in our course(s) access to resources in addition to normally scheduled class time is required - recitations, office hours, help sessions, etc.  All faculty have transitioned these sessions online via Zoom, Canvas discussion boards, Piazza, etc.  The TAs and LAs are fully participating in these sessions.

If a student does not have access to a computer and/or the internet from home or from alternate locations, the university will assist you in getting access from computer labs at campus locations. Please contact the IT director at your campus or email the University Park IT Service Desk at to determine computer lab availability or for more information.