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Biology Syllabi

BIOL 011: Introductory Biology I

BIOL 110: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

BIOL 110: Lab

BIOL 110H: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

BIOL 120N: Plants, Places and People

BIOL 125N: Society and Disease Management

BIOL 127: Introductory Plant Biology

BIOL 129: Mammalian Anatomy

BIOL 133: Genetics and Evolution of the Human Species

BIOL 141: Introductory Physiology

BIOL 142: Physiology

BIOL 155: Biology of Aging

BIOL 177: Biology of Sex

BIOL 220M: Honors Biology: Populations and Communities

BIOL 220W: Populations and Communities

BIOL 222: Genetics

BIOL 230M: Honors Biology: The Biology of Molecules and Cells

BIOL 230W: Biology of Molecules and Cells

BIOL 240W: Function and Development of Organisms

BIOL 297-145N: The Visual Body: Studies in Anatomy

BIOL 297: Fundamentals of Human Anatomy

BIOL 322: Genetic Analysis

BIOL 403: Biological Science Writing and Communication for Research

BIOL 404: Cellular Mechanisms in Vertebrate Physiology

BIOL 405: Molecular Evolution

BIOL 406: Symbiosis

BIOL 407: Plant Developmental Anatomy

BIOL 411: Medical Embryology

BIOL 412: The Ecology of Infectious Disease

BIOL 414: Taxonomy of Seed Plants

BIOL 415: Ecotoxicology

BIOL 416: Biology of Cancer

BIOL 417: Invertebrate Biology

BIOL 419: Ecological and Environmental Problem Solving (EEPS)

BIOL 421: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

BIOL 422: Advanced Genetics

BIOL 424: The Use of Plants/Plant Medicinal Chemistry

BIOL 425: Biology of Fungi

BIOL 426: Developmental Neurobiology

BIOL 427: Evolution

BIOL 428: Population Genetics

BIOL 429: Animal Behavior

BIOL 430: Developmental Biology- Dr. Lai

BIOL 430: Developmental Biology- Dr. Topper

BIOL 431: Reproductive Biology

BIOL 432: Developmental Genetics

BIOL 433: Evolution of Vertebrates

BIOL 437: Histology

BIOL 441: Plant Physiology

BIOL 443: Evo-Devo: Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms

BIOL 446: Physiological Ecology

BIOL 448: Ecology of Plant Reproduction

BIOL 450W: Experimental Field Biology

BIOL 451: Biology of RNA

BIOL 460: Human Genetics

BIOL 463: General Ecology

BIOL 467: Molecular Basis of Neurological Diseases

BIOL 469: Neurobiology

BIOL 470: Functional and Integrative Neuroscience

BIOL 472: Mammalian Physiology

BIOL 473: Laboratory in Mammalian Physiology

BIOL 474: Astrobiology

BIOL 475N: Anatomy in Italy

BIOL 476: Advanced Human Anatomy

BIOL 478: Comparative Neuroanatomy

BIOL 479: General Endocrinology

BIOL 482: Coastal Biology

BIOL 497: The Biology of Human Infectious Diseases

BIOL 497: Biodiversity of Pennsylvania

BIOL 497: Advanced Human Anatomy

BIOL 497: History of Biology

BIOL 497: Evolution of Infectious Disease

BIOL 497: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory