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Isabella Cattadori

Professor of Biology
I. Cattadori


Ph.D, Biology, University of Stirling, United Kingdom, 1999

B.S., University of Milan, Italy, 1990


Postdoctoral Training

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2003-2006

Visiting Postdoc Scholar, Penn State, 2003-2006



Visiting Fellow, Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2009-2012

Royal Society Research Fellowship, United Kingdom, 2006-2011, declined in 2008

European Union Marie Curie Fellowship, United Kingdom, 2000-2002


Research Interests

We are interested in the mechanisms affecting host-parasite interaction across scales, from within-host processes of infection to population-level mechanisms of transmission and persistence. We examine how hosts cope with co-infections, how concurrent parasite/pathogens interact through the host immune system, and how host immunity modulates parasite transmission and long-term persistence at the population level. Environmental factors influence the risk of infection, and we are also interested in exploring how climate changes and host spatial structure influence the dynamics of parasite free-living stages and transmission.

We primarily focus on gastrointestinal parasites, respiratory bacteria, and viruses commonly found in the rabbit. We use our long-term studies to generate hypotheses that we test in the lab and the field, and validate back against free-living natural populations. We routinely apply techniques from biology, ecology, molecular biology, immunology, and epidemiology.