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Department of Chemistry
Sponsors Days
sponsors days

Information for Corporate Sponsors

What is Sponsors Days?

For more than 40 years, Sponsors Days has brought industry representatives and recruiters to the Department of Chemistry in order to meet students and faculty. This two-day event enables recruiters to meet and interview our graduate students as well as discuss science and possible collaborations with faculty.

What Can Sponsors Days Do For You?

Students who participate in Sponsors Days have the opportunity to promote their research, form relationships with companies and industry professionals, and interview for jobs. Each year, many chemistry students are hired because of Sponsors Days! 

Companies that participate in Sponsors Days have access to a pool of talented and highly qualified young scientists before they are even on the job market. Not only are our corporate partners first in line to hire top-notch candidates, they also have the opportunity to form relationships with students over the years to see how they have developed and progressed in their research!

How Can You Get Involved Involved? 

If you're interested in being involved in Sponsors Days, please contact Megan Kuhlman (



"Sponsors Day is a great source for graduate students to gain visibility with a wide array of chemical, pharmaceutical and material science companies all in one convenient venue. Moreover, it afforded me the opportunity to learn about and interview with companies I would have otherwise never considered as a graduate student with a more biochemical background. These interactions led to several on-site interviews and eventually a position at a large, competitive, material science company."

- Erica Frankel, Former Graduate Student

"We find Sponsors Day a great opportunity for top students and post docs to showcase their work and talent. Additionally, we enjoy providing information about our companies and potential career paths for graduate students and post-docs." 

- Christopher Strulson, Associate Principal Scientist at Merck