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Graduate Awards
Student Research Awards

Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Awards

  • 2019 -- Cody Messick (research mentor: Prof. Chad Hanna)
  • 2018 -- Lucas Hackl (research mentor: Prof. Eugenio Bianchi)
  • 2016 -- Ajit Balram (research mentor: Jainendra Jain)
  • 2014 -- Shan Gao (research mentor: Péter Mészáros)
  • 2012 – Ashley DaSilva (research mentor: Prof. Jainendra Jain)
  • 2011 – Edward Wilson-Ewing (research mentor: Prof. Abhay Ashtekar)
  • 2010 – Josh West (research mentor: Prof. Moses Chan)
  • 2009 – Xiao (Sean) Li (research mentor: Prof. David Weiss)
  • 2008 – Nicolas Yunes (research mentor: Prof. Ben Owen)
  • 2007 – Elena Margine (research mentor: Prof. Vin Crespi)
  • 2006 – Anthony Clark (research mentor: Prof. Moses Chan)


Penn State Academic Computing Fellowship

  • 2017 - Cody Messick (research mentor: Prof. Chad Hanna)
  • 2014 - Mark DelloStritto (research mentor: Prof. Jorge Sofo)
  • 2012 – Tyler Engstrom (research mentor: Prof. Vin Crespi)
  • 2008 – Garrett Evans (research mentor: Prof. John Collins)
  • 2001 – David Garrison (research mentor: Prof. Jorge Pullin)
  • 1998 – Ramon Lopez-Aleman (research mentor: Prof. Jorge Pullin)


Physics Department Peter Eklund Award for Scientific Communication

  • 2019 -- Cody Messick (mentor: Prof. Hanna) and Riju Banerjee (mentor: Prof. Hudson)
  • 2018 -- Aishwarya Kumar (mentor: Prof. Weiss) and Ruixing Zhang (mentor: Prof. Liu)
  • 2017 -- Lucas Hackl (mentor: Prof. Bianchi), Yu Pan (mentor: Prof. Samarth) 
  • 2016 -- Aruna Kesavan (mentor: Prof. Ashtekar), Mark DelloStritto (mentor: Prof. Sofo) 
  • 2015 -- Beatrice Bonga (mentor: Prof. Ashtekar), Warren Wright (mentor: Prof. Mocioiu)  , Shaun Mills (mentor: Prof. Ying Liu)
  • 2014 -- Abhinav Kandala (mentor: Prof. Samarth), David Zaslavasky (mentor: Prof. Stasto)
  • 2013 – Shih-Ho Cheng (mentor: Prof. Sommers), Kunyan Zhu (mentor: Prof. Weiss), and Xihao Deng (mentor: Prof. Finn)
  • 2012 – Colin Campbell (mentor: Prof. Albert) and Duming Zhang (mentor: Prof. Samarth)
  • 2011 -- Meenakshi Singh (mentor: Prof. Chan) and Andrew Balk (mentor: Prof. Samarth)


Rustum and Della Roy Award for Innovations in Materials Research

  • 2012 - Qingzhen Hao (research mentor: Prof. Tony Huang [ESM])


Penn State University Graduate Research Exhibition

The Graduate Exhibition celebrates research in all its aspects as an essential and exciting part of graduate education at Penn State. The Graduate Exhibition places special emphasis on communicating research and creative endeavor to a general audience and offers an unusual opportunity for professional development by challenging graduate students to present their work in clear, comprehensible terms to people outside their fields.

  • 2014 - Jason Wittenbach (worked with Prof. Dezhe Jin)
  • 2012 – Alejandro Suarez (worked with Prof. Jorge Sofo)