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Actuarial Option

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Actuarial Science Exam Information

Students are strongly encouraged to visit the website of the Society of Acutaries. Click on the Education Exams Tab to find a full description of the actuarial examinations including subjects such as topics of the exams, textbooks, schedules, locations and application forms. This link also contains sample exams. In addition, you can learn more about the Society’s VEE (Validation by Education Experience) program at this site.


Courses for the VEE Program

Due to the nature of the VEE program, the following courses are highly recommended. We encourage you to confirm current VEE course requirements on the Society of Actuaries website.

ECON 102
ECON 104
FIN 301
STAT 462
STAT 463



Students who pursue the Actuarial Option often pursue a Statistics Minor.


Actuarial Club

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