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General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

Every student must complete 45 credits of General Education courses.  The course selections are designed to provide a well-rounded academic experience within an integrated curriculum that allows for individual flexibility.  General Education courses may be relevant to the student’s major or particular interests. 

The Baccalaureate Degree General Education Program consists of 45 credits that are distributed among two General Education components: Foundations Skills (15 credits) and Knowledge Domains (30 credits).


Foundations Courses

  • 9 Credits of Writing/Speaking (GWS)
  • 6 Credits of Quantification (GQ) 

           Note: GQ courses are fulfilled by MATH 140 and 141 in the Mathematics Major.


Knowledge Domains

  • 9 Credits of General Natural Sciences (GN)
  • 6 Credits of General Arts (GA)
  • 6 Credits of General Humanities (GH)
  • 9 Credits of General Social and Behavioral Sciences (GS)
  • 3 Credits of General Health and Wellness (GHW)

            Note: 6 of these credits must be Integrative Studies Courses (Inter-domain or Linked)


Additional University Requirements

  • First-Year Engagement Program
  • United States Cultures
  • International Cultures
  • Writing Across the Curriculum


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