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Online Program Resources
Master of Applied Statistics (MAS)

Master of Applied Statistics Advisor:  Mosuk Chow,

For the first semester, you are advised to start with STAT 500 as that is the pre-requisite for most other courses. With more time, one may also take STAT 480, 481, 482 in the first semester.

The course(s) that you have registered using LionPATH should show up on your CANVAS site on the first day of class, if not before. If you have problems with registration using LionPath, please visit:

How to register for STAT 414, 480, 481, 482

Since LionPath now enforces pre-requisites for undergraduate courses, you will encounter error messages when using LionPath to enroll in these courses. You will need to e-mail with your 9-digit PSU id. Let them know that you are in the Master of Applied Statistics program and ask them to add you to the section of STAT 414 or STAT 480, 481, 482 that you want to enroll in.

Useful resources:

The following link has other useful links such as Typical Course Scheduling on its left navigation panel:

And, you can find the required textbooks and material for the courses by visiting the links from this page:

Academic Calendar:

Important dates:

Regular drop: after the deadline, you will need to pay tuition penalty which increases quickly

Late drop: after the deadline, you will not be able to late drop after the deadline

To resume back to the study

If you skip one or more Fall or Spring semesters, you will need to submit a resume of study at the following site (good to do it at least one month before the start of the new semester)

After you have submitted your resume studies application, you will need to watch your email over the next day or so for an offer to accept your re-admission. Following that you should have notification that you can go into LionPATH and enroll. You will first need to complete a pre-registration activity guide that will be in your LionPATH Student Center.

To drop a course : Use LionPATH to drop/late drop by the Late Drop day, however, if you are dropping the only course, then you have to complete the withdrawal form available at: and submit it to the Grad School. 

To continue taking Applied Statistics courses after graduation

If one wants to take more courses after graduation, one can do so by applying (no fee) for a "Change of major" to non-degree at the following site:

To file for "Intent to graduate"

The University Registrar site has instructions for students wishing to apply for graduation. One should choose "Graduation" from the menu on the left, then choose "Setting Your Intent to Graduate".